Making It Count: Survey Members Support Local Orphanage

During the Moyowosi-Kigosi survey in Tanzania, Great Elephant Census survey team members from Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) and the Tanzanian Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) discovered a local orphanage with some serious challenges.

 The Huruma Children Trust, located around the corner from the team’s temporary offices, lacked clean water, sanitation, and even mattresses due to funding constraints. The orphanage shelters 40 children ages 5-16 who lost their parents to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and/or were abandoned due to albinism.

Orphanage Story.png

 The FZS and TAWIRI crew knew they couldn’t let these kids continue living in these conditions, and in their free time they mobilized over $1,000 USD for a solar system, sanitation upgrade, furniture, beds, food and supplies for three months.

 The survey team even invited the kids and support staff to learn a little bit about what they do. They let the kids explore the survey planes and taught them the importance of natural resource protection. Encounters like these are so important when it comes to inspiring a new generation of African conservationists.