Tanzania Preliminary Census Results Announced

Today, Tanzania has taken an admirable step in announcing the preliminary results from the aerial surveys in Tanzania that were conducted as part of the Great Elephant Census (GEC). This important data can inform conservation efforts in the protection of Tanzania’s elephant population by creating solutions for ecosystems that have experienced significant declines.

The Great Elephant Census is the first comprehensive Pan-African survey in more than 40 years and is intended to provide necessary data to empower governments and conservation organizations to protect elephant populations for the long term.  The aerial surveys follow a rigorous four-step process as follows:  1) conduct country-level aerial surveys, 2) deliver preliminary country-level data and reports, 3) perform technical and scientific validation of country-level data and results, and 4) create a final Pan-African report

A member of the GEC technical advisory team has confirmed that the Tanzania surveys were flown to the highest GEC standards and were implemented according to plan.

Once the technical advisor signs off on the complete data set, Tanzania will be among the first of 20 countries to secure verified reports that can be used with partner organizations to support its conservation management planning and implementation.