Elephants Can't Fly...But We Can

The Great Elephant Census Validation Process

Counting elephants isn't easy. The tiny plane flies back and forth in intense heat for hours on end, while human spotters rely only on their eyes and sometimes a digital camera as backup.

All that time spent counting and collating, checking and double-checking will be worth it when we announce the completion of the Great Elephant Census, the first Pan-African elephant census in over 40 years. Creating an accurate account of elephant populations is important because it sets a baseline for NGOs and governments  to launch coordinated, constructive conservation efforts.

As of the start of summer 2015, surveys have been completed in 13 countries. Stay tuned as we reach the final stretch of surveys and work toward completing the full Census report. 

 Until then, please keep an eye up for preliminary data updates and other news from the Great Elephant Census, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.