UPDATE: China moves to close its ivory markets by the end of 2017. Read Paul G. Allen's statement >>

The final results from Great Elephant Census show 352,271 African savanna elephants in 18 countries, down 30% in seven years. LEARN MORE >>

Elephants are a keystone species and crucial to Africa’s forests and savannas.
They are vulnerable and creating a sustainable elephant population will require a coordinated and multifaceted effort.

Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Paul G. allen and his organizations have several initiatives that are catalyzing new efforts in elephant Conservation.

Paul G. Allen on why Every Elephant Counts

Philanthropist Paul G. Allen reflects on why we embarked on the Great Elephant Census.

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From Vulcan Productions, learn more about the baby elephant determined to beat the odds.

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The Census map is complete

The Great Elephant Census Map is complete. Tragedy for elephants in Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola and Cameroon. But we found pockets of hope.

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